Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If bbq were a religion, this would be the holiest day of the year (BBQ Fest 2011)

I have recently learned that my sister isn't the only person who reads this blog, so hello all you readers. I promise to now write every week since I have lots and lots to share with you... that and megashare won't stream more than 72minutes of video. Not cool.

This past weekend was one of my most favorite weekends of the year, and no I'm not talking talking about Flag Day (which has now apparently been extended to a week). I'm talking about the one time of year when it is socially acceptable to wander down Madison Ave chomping on a short rib bigger than your face while wearing paper pig ear hat. That's right kids it's the The Big Apple Barbeque Block Party.

The 9th consecutive year (and my third), the Big Apple BBQ isn't so much a "block party" as a "let's shut down Madison Sq Park and the surrounding streets so we can all be fat asses" party. It's glorious. This year SIXTEEN pitmasters from 11 different states barbecued some delish food .. all for me! Well, and the 100,000 other people the BABBQ attracts. Since I'm already accustom to waiting on long lines in MSPark (see Shake Shack post), the lines for some brisket and slaw seemed like nothing. My favorite: Baby back ribs by Mike Mills from 17th Street Bar & Grill in Murphysboro, IL. The type of rib that's soo good you don't split evenly with your boyfriend. The type you take another bite when he's not looking and curse the damn "let's share plates" suggestion that suddenly feels like a harsh decree formed in the Middle Ages -- THAT GOOD!

Additionally, for those of you who also have an obese man living inside of them like me, the Shack is open during the entire event! Nothing goes better with some short ribs than a root beer float and a Shackmeister ale.

Here is the info... just um, don't buy a fast past next year. I want it. Thanks.

*****went to fix a spelling error and now blog is out of order BUT this does NOT mean I am not going to post about BBQ 2012*** thanks

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