Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Tis the Voice of the Lobster

Lewis Carroll has nothing on me.... well maybe a famed writing career, mathematical conquests, and a myth about pedophiliac suggestions in his literature. But, I am better off than Lewis Carroll. You may at this point be asking for a sense of relevancy and be thinking "what the fuck". Let me explain:
I live in the present. I am able to eat at Ed's Lobster Bar. Lewis Carroll does and is not. Therefore, I am better. A simple axiom.

After scouring Michelin's Bib Gourmand list, lobster seemed the be a perfect treat on a hot summer day. Since I'm not white enough to have a summer house in Maine, Ed's would have to do. A small storefront across from the 6 train, the restaurant has a 1950's soda bar feel to the decor - pristine, homey, and inviting. The menu consists of various shellfish items, with a section dedicated to all things lobster. Yum.

Some may find it hard to decide between the shelly choices, but I knew immediately what I wanted - a lobster roll. Not ordering one would have been like leaving half a pint of beer unfinished. You just don't do that.

While lobster rolls are some of my favorite goodies, I haven't had one that satiated me quite the way James Hook & Co in Boston had.... that is, until now. One thing was for sure - SIZE MATTERS. Ed's was great AND there's enough to fill you - unlike some other great lobster rolls that are meagerly sized and leave you frustrated, wanting more. The roll was buttered and crisped to perfection. The lobster meat was ample. Vinegar soaked pickles and a side of fries accompanied the roll. The pickles were a nice acidic cut to the fattiness of the lobster roll. I also tried some of my friend's lobster pot pie, which was basically flakey pastry in lobster bisque awesomeness. A little salty but sooooo yummy.

Since the waiter/bartender was super nice, I trusted his dessert suggestion. We had an ice cream sandwich which was basically homemade vanilla ice cream on the same buttered roll used for the lobster roll. Yes mom, ice cream on a buttered roll. While it may not have been the healthiest thing I've eaten, it definitely was delicious.

Now reader, I do my research. I've seen some mixed reviews online about the lobster rolls, but TRUST ME. I'd almost never let you down.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Challenge Accepted.

Each year, I await the day that I wake up with a present so marvelous and enticing, the previous night's sleep is interrupted. No, I'm not talking about Christmas. I gave up on Santa around age 3 (the guy in the red suit at our holiday dinner looked a little too much like my father). No, no.. not my birthday... I'm talking about the release of the NYC Michelin Guide.

While I would love to eat wagyu beef and a rack of lamb at Le Bernardin, I have to keep myself on somewhat of a budget. Never to fear reader, Michelin loves all types of people, including poor hippies who want to work with children like myself. Enter: Michelin Bib Gourmand.

Never heard of it? Well I am EXTREMELY sorry. Putting it lightly, your life must suck.

Bib Gourmand is Michelin's list of delicious restaurants that average $40 or less per meal. Now that I have some time off from school, I've decided to try some restaurants on the list. I know I'm a flakey blogger but I will try to keep you posted on my adventures.

Emphasis on the "try" -- I need to improve my Words with Friends skills.