Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snow White and the Seven Cupcakes

Gather 'round children, Auntie Laura wants to tell you a magical tale:

Once upon a time, two princesses, a prince, and a jolly knight were frolicking through the Isle of Manhatta. After feasting at the Palace of Yummyness, the royal crew was craving for more. "CUPCAKES!" suggested the younger (and more beautiful) princess. But from where? "Crumbs," suggested one of the merry men. The friends did love the variety and size of Crumbs, but their cupcakes are widely consumed throughout the land. The princesses craved something unique and delicious. Something - dare I say - that hasn't been cursed by the "hipster spell" of the Wizard of NYU. The foursome walked down many a street, past the Place of Astor, and through the Village of East. Just when our friends became disheartened, they stumbled upon something beautifully named "Butter Lane". Could it be? Why, yes it could - A BAKERY! A CURIOUS FIND INDEED! Our friends stepped inside the door of Butter Lane and breathed in the glorious smells of maple, butter, frosting, and, best of all, cake.

Now children, Butter Lane was no ordinary bakery. Butter Lane gave our friends options. They had the choice of three cakes (white, chocolate, or banana) and various frosting to mix and match. If our friends wanted something that was not ordinarily prepared, the bakers would pipe the desired frosting onto cupcakes. Princess Laura opted for a box of four cupcakes: a chocolate base with raspberry frosting, a vanilla base with pumpkin spice frosting, a chocolate base with maple frosting with roasted pecans, and a vanilla base with cinnamon frosting and a drop of honey. While our awesome baker was preparing the cupcakes, her helper gave the princess a card with four gold stars. The princess smiled widely as she noticed the card was labelled "The Baker's Dozen". The mystical card awarded its' holder a free cupcake after purchasing 12! The princess was ecstatic as she realized the rarity of a card that tracks frequent cupcake miles. Finally, the cupcakes were ready. The box smelled of maple, dreams, and rainbows. Alas, the first bite: deliciously delicious. Our royal friends, with their satiate palates, all lived happily ever after.

P.S. Not only were the cupcakes scrumptious, they were organic and made from local products!

Butter Lane
123 E 7th St (btwn 1st and A)
New York, NY 10009

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