Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Day I Broke My Own Heart

Oh reader... Reader, reader, reader. Some times even the smartest of people, like myself, make the biggest mistakes. Not since one of the few times I faked a "go with the flow" attitude which led to me and my friends missing our flight to New Orleans have I been so disappointed in myself - in case you're wondering, we made it on the next flight and it was awesome.

Last Friday, I decided to meet my boyfriend for dinner after I coerced my sister into picking up a dress for me and was going to "meet her" to help her travel home. Obviously I needed to eat before I could help her carry my packages. Chris and I wandered into Five Points after ogling the menu on menupages. Thank (insert name of respective Higher Power here), for smart phones! As we debated whether or not to sit inside or out, something wonderful happened...... I smelled something amazing and instantly I smiled. White truffles. I'd always recognize that smell.

We sat down at one of the tables by the bar and glanced at the menu. Potato and truffle pizza? Why did that sound familiar? Did I really want pizza? Could I even eat something that heavy and still fit into the dress that I had to track down in two states and three boroughs? No.... I was no longer intrigued by the truffle dish, my mind had jumped to another entrée that sounded awesome. We ordered the frito misto for an appetizer, Chris had the spinach pizza with crescenza cheese, pecorino cheese, and garlic confit, and I ordered the homemade semolina spaghetti, with littleneck clams, white wine, and chili. I was excited. Semolina is basically my middle name and I LOVE clams.

Then it happened - I felt regret... the same regret I felt when I decided not to buy myself a Fendi while in Sicily back in 2005. I knew I'd never let myself down. The food came and it was delicious. The fritto misto had different veggies, shellfish, and cod. We ate, talked, and laughed, but I still felt a little saddened by my decision. Chris was supportive; it was difficult for him to turn down truffles too. I assured myself that it wasn't like I missed shaved black truffle... it was white truffle oil... totally different..

Our entrées arrived and they were delicious. The broth that the clams had been cooked in was a perfect compliment to the semolina pasta that tasted as if they stole a nonna and only let her eat if she sat in the back and made pasta all day. The waiter then came over to talk to us about desserts. Fine, Five Points. You and your fantastic food win. I'll stop my whining and enjoy my salted caramel gelato.

Five Points
31 Great Jones St
(between Lafayette St & Bowery)

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