Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SHH SH SHAANNNNNGGGGG, Shang of foooolssssss

Why hello there reader! I know, I haven't posted. I know, you missed me... that was bound to happen. Anyway, since the last post I've had the opportunity to dine at Shang, owned by Top Chef Master Susur Lee. It was good. Not great but consistent and good. The restaurant itself was perfect; located in the Thompson Hotel in the LES, decorated beautifully, and (alas!) the bartenders were capable of making a fantastic Pimm's Cup. However, the food........

Perhaps it was my fault. After weeks of watching Top Chef, Susur was my favorite master chef. I spent hours wiki-stalking Susur and his menus. I think my own anticipation may have gotten the best of my palate. With that said, I do have to commend Susur on the thirteen ingredient Singapore Slaw.

I just wanted, well, more.

Maybe, I'll try it again. The food wasn't bad but I also felt I can get better noodles at Ippudo.

Take what you want with this post, I choose to neither rave nor rant.

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