Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I usually don't trust Gingers or anything to do with those sneaky bastards but.....

THE REDHEAD IS FANTASTIC! No, I'm not talking about an actual redhead since most of them scare me. I'm talking about The Redhead, an EV gastropub that features a delectable menu that adapts to chef's discoveries on a daily basis. The decor is adorable and would be perfect for a date, a dinner with friends, or an incestuous dinner-and-a-movie date with your sister (don't playa hate, appreciate). Our meal started off with homemade soft pretzels that come with a side of "Kentucky beer cheese". You may be wondering what exactly is Kentucky beer cheese but I don't know if words can adequately describe the perfect spreadable, well-balance cheese that accompanied the pretzels. Just know this, it's fucking awesome. For my main course I ordered the low country shrimp, anson mills antebellum grits, and andouille sausage. PERFECTION! I'm usually a bit weary about ordering grits since there are many possible horrible outcomes that may occur. However, these grits were perfectly creamy yet substantial. The seasoning in this dish took me right back to my time in New Orleans. My sister ordered the ridiculously good buttermilk fried chicken that was accompanied by the most perfect corn muffin mankind has ever known, and a small salad of spinach, strawberry, and almonds. Now, some of you may think fried chicken is beneath you. Good, then there's more for me; but, seriously, a well made piece of fried chicken is incredible and The Redhead did not disappoint.

The Redhead also makes bacon peanut brittle. Yes. BACON PEANUT BRITTLE. Furthermore, the restaurant recognizes that this is one of the best combinations ever and has packaged a sizable amount so that you can eat this wonderful, cardiac arrest inducing snack in the privacy of your own home! HOW THOUGHTFUL!

The Redhead
349 East 13th Street
(212) 533-6212

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