Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disgusting dating vs Degustation Reciprodating (I'd put my money on the latter)

There are several perks to being in a somewhat functioning relationship: compliments, presents for the holidays, someone to open jars/water bottles that are too tight, and some other reasons that I can't list here since several one family member reads this blog. However, these qualities are nothing if your significant other is incapable of reciprodating. What is reciprodating? Well, dear reader, reciprodating is showing emotion through a well thought out and planned date. Why does this sound mockingly simple? Because it is. But I am in my early twenties and men in their early twenties seem to lack some cognitive functioning - primarily organizing and prioritizing (Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 2002). While I'm a huge fan of walking aimlessly around and having a spontaneous "oh hey this menu looks good" night, I could do that with anyone and feel special. HOWEVER, when I am reciprodated for purely being a great girlfriend well than I am inclined to feel even more special. This is where a great meal comes into play. Whether it's been 2 dates, 2 years, or 2 decades, a great dinner can always impress your significant other. While New York is filled with plenty of delicious restaurants that draw from cuisines from around the world, I am going to convince you that Degustation, a tapas restaurant, was one of my favorite reciprodates. Ever.

Now reader, I often write about food and maybe crack a joke or two at other aspects of the restaurant but, one thing to never joke about on a reciprodate is ambiance. The setting of the restaurant sets the tone for the date. I've recently had one of the best meals in my life (see Blue Hill) but the setting was not reciprodate-like, it was date-like or dinner-with-friends-like. On the other hand, Degustation seats sixteen people only, as the chairs surround the kitchen area. Not only is the space inherently intimate, watching your food being prepared is exciting enough to fuel the entirety of the dinner conversation. Reciprodating is a team sport. Therefore, the idea of tapas and small plate encourages sharing. Reciprodating requires excitement, so bring on the use of molecular gastronomy via the tasting menu. Degustation has two tasting menu choices - five or ten courses - offered at a somewhat reasonable price.

We opted for the 5 course menu ($50 per person) which consisted of hamachi, arugula salad with a perfectly cooked egg, clams and cannelloni, rabbit three ways, and a custard on crack and something deliciously s'more-like as dessert choices. I;m teasing you with a brief synopsis of the food because the tasting menu changes on a weekly basis and will most likely not be the same if you choose to dine at Degustation. But I will say this - hands down, best fried rabbit meatball I have ever had... okay so only fried rabbit meatball I've ever had, but you get the point.

P.S. I almost cried when I ate some of the perfectly poached egg... no, seriously...

Degustation Wine & Tasting Bar
239 East 5th Street
New York, NY
(212) 979-1012

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