Sunday, August 9, 2009

Numero Uno: Cracking Shells.

After a lengthy convo with some friends about food, I realized that I should share my passion with the world. Since I cannot cook and can barely bake, the best way that I could think of preaching to the masses about soup dumplings, pommes frites, kataifi, and etc. is by posting a blog about my culinary explorations. The problem I am running into now is what food to award the honor of my first post. Since there is a little voice in my head incessantly whispering "Old Bay", fueled by a yearning in my palate, I know of the perfect starting point: All you can eat crabs at Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse.

Now, Clemente's has other delicious goodies on their menu, such as fried rock shrimp (which comes with a delectable chipolte remoulade), but for $29.99 you can get a silver basin filled with crabs either with Old Bay Seasoning or Clemente's "Garlic Style". Let me tell you, there are few things in this world more enjoyable than tearing open a perfectly seasoned crab. The restaurant is located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, conveniently next to an auto repair shop and on the opposite side of where you would think Emmons Avenue actually is located - but the food is worth the 10 minutes spent looking for the place (it is almost inevitable that you WILL get lost). Also inside of the basin of hopes and dreams are fries and a piece of corn on the cob. Both taste delicious rolled around in the Old Bay and left over crab mixture. Please shut down your computer and go now.... unless you have a large group, in which case: call, make a reservation, and then go.

Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse
3939 Emmons Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
website: click

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